Mario Hentzel

Mario Hentzel
Nation: German
Date of birth: 01.11.1974
Place of birth: Neubrandenburg
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Family status: married
Pro since: -
Ironman best time: 9:31h

Mario Hentzel has been a passionate and successful triathlete with type 1 diabetes for many years now. He is a guide and coach of training groups and also works as a referee for the German Triathlon Union (DTU). Through his membership in the team, the police officer of 41 years will represent in a trustworthy manner the positive effect of the healthy sport triathlon, particularly in light of the growing number of diabetes patients, conveying the health claim "Sport for Good" with his know-how.

More results

03.08.2017 Towerman München 1st place AG
18.06.2017 Stadttriathlon Erding 3rd place AG
19.05.2017 Airportrun München 2nd place
07.05.2017 Duathlon Krailling 3rd place AG
18.09.2016 ITU WM Mexiko (OD) 24th place (AG 40)
28.08.2016 Triathlon Beilngries (Sprint) 1st place (AG 40)
07.08.2016 Triathlon Regensburg (Sprint) 1st place (AG 40)
19.06.2016 Stadttriathlon Erding (OD) 5. place (AG 40)
05.06.2016 Deggendorfer Triathlon (Sprint) 2nd place (AG 40)
22.05.2016 Super Sprint München/Oberschleißheim 5th place